Alta Montebello Tagaytay Cover Photo
Alta Montebello Tagaytay Cover Photo

You can now own a lot in Metro Tagaytay area for as low as 8,000 per sqm.  Alta Montebello Tagaytay,  developed by Don Tim Development Corp. offers lot areas for sale  from 160 sqm to 240 sqm.   The subdivision is actually a boundary of Alfonso Cavite  specifically located along Amuyong-Kaytitinga Road, but accessible via the national road – Tagaytay-Nasugbu highway.  If you are familiar with the former location of Monte Maria, it is along that road which is more or less 2 km apart.

To give you an idea of the location and distance of the subdivision, here is a short summary:

It is approximately

  • 17.6 kms away from Tagaytay Rotonda or a travel time of +-30 minutes drive
  • 17.1 kms away from Ayala Mall Serin or +-25 minutes drive
  • 14.4 ms away from Skyranch or +-20 minutes drive
  • 13.4 kms away from Mahogay Market or +-20 minutes drive
  • 3.6 kms away from the most beautiful Starbucks in the Philippines or a mere 5 minutes drive (check this blog), and a Robinsons Supermarket branch.

Why buy here at Alta Montebello Tagaytay?

  1.  The price is affordable compared to other subdivisions
  2.  You have a choice of lot areas, from 160 sqm, 180 sqm, 20 sqm, and 240 sqm
  3.  It offers complete amenities you can see in other subdivisions in Tagaytay
  4.  The place is truly a haven for relaxation, away from the bustling, rowdy and boisterous cityscape.

See more of the advantages of Alta Montebello in my other blog here.

Alta Montebello Tagaytay offers the following Amenities:

  • Fully Landscaped Entrance
  • Promenade Shade Trees
  • It has it’s own Clubhouse  with
  1. Swimming Pool for Adults and Children
  2. Viewdeck
  3. Multi-purpose Hall
  4. Water Fountain
  5. Basketball court


Prices of Residential Lots

Inner Lots  – 7,000 per sqm to 7,300 per sqm depending on the location.  (You can write me an email reques for the updated subdivision map to see available lots with specific price per sqm)

Corner Lot – SOLD OUT

NOTE : Starting January 15, 2018,  Prices of lots is 7,400/sqm,  regardless of location, all inner lots


UPDATE – NEW PRICE starting February 1, 2019

Inner Lots = 7,800/sqm


UPDATE – NEW PRICE starting April 1, 2019

Inner Lots = 8,000/sqm



Lot Areas available for Sale at Alta Montebello Tagaytay

Farthest from the Main Gate – 160 sqm and 180 sqm  (Preselling)

Nearest to the Main Gate – 210 sqm and  240 sqm   (Developed Lots)



Sample Computation of 210 sqm lot at 8,000/sqm near Main Gate


Total Contract Price……..1,680,000


30% Downpayment………..504,000

Les 3 % Disc in 7 days……….15,120

Net Downpayment………….488,880

Add- Misc Fee………………..117,600

Required Downpayment….606,480


70% Balance………………..1,176,000


Monthly Amortization if thru In House FInancing

if 3 yrs to pay @ 14% interest………..40,192.16

if 5 yrs to pay @ 16% interest…………28,597.97


or thru Approved Bank Financing







Click here to see Documentary requirements for buying a lot at Alta Montebello Metro  Tagaytay


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Aerial View - Alta Montebello Tagaytay
Aerial View of the Gate and the subdivision
Alta Montebello Tagaytay Lots
Lots for Sale
ALta Montebello Tagaytay Clubhouse with gathering
Clubhouse with gathering
Alta Montebello Tagaytay Clubhouse aerial view
Clubhouse aerial view
Lilac Twins Duples house at Alta Montebello Tagaytay
Lilac Twins Duplex house



Alta Montebello Tagaytay Main Gate
Main Gate
Alta Montebello Tagaytay Clubhouse
Alta Montebello Tagaytay newly built house
Newly built house
Alta Montebello Tagaytay Lilac Twins and Clubhouse
Lilac Twins and Clubhouse
Alta Montebello Tagaytay existing houses
Existing houses



Alta Montebello Tagaytay Block 13
Block 13



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Royale Tagaytay Phase 3









Pueblo del Sol









Splendido Taal Tagaytay Cover Photo
Splendido Taal










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