How to Buy

Basic Guidelines in Buying a Property

How to buy a property?  What do i need to know?  These are some basic questions a buyer would usually ask himself.  I have outlined below the basic procedures on how to buy a property.

  1. First, you should decide which property is right for you and why this property is suited for you,  it may be  residential lot, a townhouse, a house and lot, or a condominium unit. This will all depend on your current need, whether it is for investment, for current use or perhaps a retirement home in the future.
  2. Know which location fits your needs.  Location is very important part of buying a property.  You may decide you would like to buy a property in a particular place because of its proximity to your office, to your family, etc.  Or you are deciding to buy on this location because you see the potential for increase in property valuation in the near future and you want to benefit from this type of  investment.
  3. When you have decided what property you need and the appropriate location you have chosen, its  time to decide on the budget you will spend for buying the property.  In this aspect, you need to know the actual cost of the property you intend to buy PLUS the miscellaneous cost that comes hand in hand in buying a property.  This has to do with the cost of the title transfer, the cost of the monthly association dues, condominium dues, etc that comes with owning these properties.
  4. When you have the 4 most important factors figured out,  what, why, where, and have the ready budget, its time to hunt and seek for the property that you have in mind.
  5.  Hire a professional to do the job for you.  Hire the services of a License Real Estate Broker.  They are adept with the procedures in buying your target property, your future home.   Buying a property is a major financial and emotional undertaking.   And you as the buyer/investor will be making one of the major decisions in your life and that is finding a place you would call your home, and a mistake in this decision can lead to a lot of problems in the future.  Here lies the expertise of the Licensed Real Estate Broker.   He can make expert advise, offer you the best deals you can grab,  guide you to the entire buying process, guide you with the documentary requirements , and expert financial options you can explore.   In short, choose a property , and the Licensed Real Estate Broker will guide you all the way until you have possession of the property.