SOUTH COAST Lian Batangas Beach Community

aerial view of south coast lian batangas
south coast lian batangas


IMPORTANT NOTICE – 1,000 per sqm Price Increase adjustment starting AUGUST 1, 2020. Reserve now to avail the current price


Ever dream of living your dream? Living in a community with a beach resort on one side and a future man made lakeside on the other? With a future commercial development that would make life easier, here is your last chance to live your dream. Now is the time to buy your own beach lot here at SOUTH COAST


From Metro Manila, you can reach South Coast on a 3.5 hour drive via the Nasugbu-Ternate Highway straight to the Calatagan-Lian Highway until you reach South Coast.

Alternatively you can travel via Tagaytay route. From Tagaytay Rotonda, its approximately 57.3 kms away via Tagaytay-Nasugbu Hiway, then continue on Palico-Nasugbu Highway, Tuy-Nasugbu Highway until you reach your destination in Lian

South Coast is beside famed Matabungkay Beach Resort.

Vicinity map of South Coast Lian Batangas
Vicinity Map of South Coast Lian Batangas


This is an exclusive project development of STA LUCIA LAND INC in joint venture with the LEVISTE and BORBON Families of Batangas



  • Fully Landscaped Entrance Gates & Guardhouses
  • Gated Community
  • Community Clubhouse
  • Swimming Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Children’s Playground
  • Commercial Area

Project Area – approx 84.80 hectares

Area for Development

  • Phase 1 – 29.60 hectares
  • Phase 1A – 31.71 hectares
  • Mix Use – 10.23 hectares (condo area)
  • Bgy road – 8.23 hectares

Average Lot Size – 120 sqm to 300 sqm

Lot Dimensions

  • 120 sqm – 10m x 12m
  • 150 sqm – 10m x 15m
  • 204 sqm – 12m x 17m
  • 300 sqm – 15m x 20m


UPDATED PRICE as of June 2020

Phase 1 A = 7,000 per sqm (120 sqm to 274 sqm)

Phase 1 = 10,000 per sqm plus vat = 11,200 per sqm (212 to 618 sqm )



Sample Computations – South Coast Lian Batangas

PROJECT DEVELOPENT – Present and The Future

  1. RESIDENTIAL LOTS – Now Selling residential lots at Phase and Phase1A
  2. CONDOTELS – future development soon
  3. COMMERCIAL LOTS and SPACES – future developments soon
  4. BEACH CLUB – to be developed together with the residential lots
  5. PRIME LAKESIDE LOTS – future development soon
project development plan inside south coast lian batangas
south coast – development plan

Residential Lots and the Beach Clubhouse – NOW SELLING FAST

The residential Phase of south coast lian batangas
The Residential Phase – South Coast Lian Batangas
Sta Lucia Land Beach Club to be replicated here at South Coast Lian Batangas
Sta Lucia Beach club and amenities to be replicated here – south coast lian batangas


Location of the seaside condotel to be build soon at south coast lian batangas
location of the soon to be built – seaside condotels -south coast lian batangas
prime location - seaside condotels at south coast lian batangas
Prime location – Seaside condotels at South Coast
Artist perspective of Seaside Condotels at South Coast

Commercial Lots and Commercial Spaces – SOON

Locatiojn of the Commercial Areas at South coast Lian Batangas
Future Commercial Areas – South Coast Lian Batangas
Artist's perspective of the commercial areas at south coast lian batangas
Artist’s perspective of the commercial areas – South Coast Lian Batangas

Prime Lakeside Lots – SOON

Location of the Lakeside community at South coast Lian Batangas
The Lakeside Community at South Coast Lian Batangas
The lakeside community in Greenmeadows Iloilo by STa Lucia land to be replicated here at Suth cast Lian Batangas
Lakeside community to be replicated here at South Coast Lian Batangas


  1. BUY NOW WHILE LOTS PRICES ARE CHEAPER. Buying NOW will enable you to join the bandwagon of an elite list of investors and future owners who have made a decision to park their money in this real estate investment and just wait for the yearly increases and price appreciation. Now is the time to come in and invest. Just like a normal stock investment you buy when the price is low and unload when you reach the peak price . Surely you wouldn’t want to come in and buy when the price has already gone up to it’s peak price. Incidentally, come August 1, 2020 and this is official, an approved increase of 1,000 per sqm will be implemented. From the current 7,000 per sqm, it will become 8,000 per sqm. Thats a whooping 14.28% increase and due less than 30 days from now as of this writing dated July 4, 2020. Will your money, park in another form of investment increase by 14.28% in less than 30 days? For now, only here at South Coast Lian investment.
  2. YOU CAN CHOOSE YOUR BEST LOT LOCATION OPTIONS. Choose your best location, the spot where you think you can build your dreamhouse. You can still choose the better or best option of locations, just call, or email me for the updated map and the available lots for sale.
  3. YOU CAN AVAIL OF THE BEST FINANCING OPTION OF YOUR CHOICE. Various percentages of discounts on down payment being offered. In house financing offers 2 years NO INTEREST option as against a bank financing option which will make you pay interest the moment you take out your loan. Probably a longer downpayment scheme? Or up to 10 years to pay for the 80% Balance? You’ll have lots of financing options of your choice, just call or email me to discuss everything.

NOTE on 12% VAT – Still another reason to buy NOW. Beginning January 1, 2021 per TRAIN Law on Real Estate Transactions, all purchase of lots will be subject to 12% VAT to be shouldered by the buyer. That’s additional cost, on the buyers side. Remedy Get fast, Act fast, BUY NOW. Good news, you still have until Dec 31, 2020 to buy your own lot without VAT , complete your down payment and sign the Contract to Sell and you beat the 12% VAT. That’s assuming the TCP of the lot your buying does not exceed the Vat threshold of Php 1,919,500.


Click here to see Documentary requirements for buying a lot at SOUTH COAST



Aerial view of South coast Lian Batangas
Aerial view of South Coast Lian Batangas
Phase 1 of South COast Lian Batangas
Phase 1A of South coast Lian Batangas
Phase 1A
another view of phase 1A of south coast lian batangas
Phase 1A Entrance
Beach view of south coast lian batangas
Overlooking the Sea
present development at south coast lian batangas
overlooking view of the deelopment


Call me now to schedule tripping and for reservation of lot/s


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